Exotique Imports is the center of the finest handcrafted products from Thailand, all over Asia, and also from our own sewing room in Florida. We offer an Affordable price, Easy to Match to the other furnitures in your home, and don’t require a lot of maintenances. Our products creates more works and also generates incomes to the community. Your purchases will provide a good life and brighten the future of our craftsmen. You won’t only happy when you look at your well decorated home with our products. But you also gives their homes much much more than you could imagine….

Our products will not only beautify your home but also bring back income and happiness to our local Asian craftsmen.  These products are made with a full heart and with the hope to preserve our unique heritage and designs.

On top of that, we are a family of military veterans. We understand deeply about the scars inside and out that our military families carry and how hard it can be to provide for a family with a small military income from the government.We are proud to donate part of the profits from your purchases  to fund local scholarships for the veteran children in our hometown just like my family used to get when we were young.

Please be aware that many fake products have been sent from Thailand and claimed that they were crafted with good quality materials. Always check with sellers before you buy and please contact us with any concerns you may have about our items.


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What is new here with Exotique Imports

Summer is not too far to wait any more. We just can’t wait to go to the beach, jumping into the pool, go on the cruise, and much much more that so hard to imagine in summer. On top of that it is always our family time since kids would be off from school. All of us could arrange to go to somewhere together.

GiveAway and Contest project came along with the idea to represent us as the appreciations we have from our value customers. We have set this current one to be the second time. It is one of the very necessary items in your list to any perfect getaways. We still do the prize to be the sundress for this time and may be again for the next time. Or some other things interesting perhaps. Tell us what do you think?

Beach coverup giveaway


Can’t resist and would like to join? Go ahead to our ” GiveAway and Contest” menu above and entry with the choices you would make. We set up with Rafflecopter which is really easy to entry. The winner must be randomly pick up by the program that Rafflecopter provides. Don’t be late and don’t hesitate for that chance. It is free to try and of course you never known if you would be the winner of our GiveAway. Good luck!